We've all been there. We've all been the "new person" headed to a new-to-us church for the first time. It can be a little overwhelming. There are so many questions that we want to ask and have answered!

Below are some of the more common questions that folks like have answered to before they come to a new church. We hope these are helpful to you as you plan your visit!

How long is the service? 

Services typically run between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes.

What’s the service like?

Our services are probably on the traditional side of blended. This means that we have a choir and mostly sing songs that are found in the hymnal. But, we also have screens in the front, try to incorporate technology into the service when appropriate, and sometimes sing songs more likely to be found on K-Love than in the hymnal.

How do people normally dress? 

I know it's not super helpful, but people dress all sorts of ways. Some men may be in a full suit while others will be in polos and khakis. Pastor Carter normally wears a sport coat and tie, but sometimes the tie might go missing.

The important thing is that you are here and you feel comfortable. For you that might be a suit or a fancy dress, but it might mean jeans. We are here to worship God, not walk the runway. It's a worship service, not a fashion show.

Where do I park?

We are located in downtown Fairmont, so parking can be at a premium. We have a small lot next to the church, but most folks park across the street at insurance agency and walk on over.

When should I get there?

Small group bible study starts (officially) at 9:45 am. Service starts at 11 am. Being a few minutes early is never a bad idea, but in case you are a little late, you need to know that for security reasons we lock most of the doors to the building a little before 11. If you are running late, no big deal. Come to the front doors on Main Street and come on in. We hate that we live in a world where these precautions are needed, but we also recognize a responsibility to keep our members and guests as safe as we can while still welcoming all in the name of Jesus.

I have a question that is not here!

That's OK. We all do! If it's really important to you, give the church office a call and Miss Patricia or Pastor Carter will be happy to try and answer it for you.

Service Times
Bible Study
9:45am Sunday 9:45 am Sunday
11:00am Sunday 11:00 am Sunday
Wednesday Night Discipleship
6:30pm Wednesday 6:30 pm Wednesday