What Bible Translation We Use and Why

Sometimes there is lots of controversy about the particular translation of the bible that is used in a church.

While members are certainly free to choose the translation that works best for themselves, Pastor Carter has chosen to preach from the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). This is also the translation that is in our pews and that we gift to people as well as the translation that the majority of our bible study curriculum uses.

Why the CSB? For a few reasons. First, the bible is intended to be read. It doesn't do anyone a whole lot of good if we own beautiful bibles but never read them. Second, we always need to remember that if we are reading a bible in English, or any other modern language, we are reading it in translation. The original texts are in (mainly) Hebrew and Greek. Thus, we want to ensure that there is fidelity in translation to the original texts.

The best bible translations are going to be a balance of these two aims: readable and accuracy. We feel that the CSB strikes the balance between these two aims in a way that no other modern translation does. The readability was a key focus of the CSB translation committee and we feel that the CSB is readable in a way that allows the text to come alive without sacrificing accuracy.

To find out more about the CSB visit csbible.com.